Edgeland Films Inc.,  based in Winnipeg Canada, was incorporated in 1994 by filmmaker Jeff McKay.

He started Edgeland Films as a way to produce documentaries for the national and international market place. He aspires to create films and documentaries that get behind the ideas that will shape our times.  His goal is to offer a context to more fully understand and appreciate our world today.  He embraces stories and subjects that are a celebration of the spirit for life and is fascinated with cultural history and its impact on our present day culture.

Jeff McKay has been making films since 1986, working mostly as an editor and director.  Much of his experience and training came from time spent with the National Film Board of Canada for whom he has made three full length documentaries including the feature length, theatrically released, Genie nominated, Peabody award winning, Fat Chance, which Jeff directed edited and co-wrote.

The varied interests and subjects which Jeff has been so fortuitous as to make into full length documentary films include: being fat, (FAT CHANCE),

a contemplative long play gander at our contemporary relationship with our beds, (AND SO TO BED),

a historical ride down the water borne rivers of sewage waste and a view to where this technology has brought us, (CRAPSHOOT),

a social/cultural history of swimming ~ yes!   (HAUNTS OF THE BLACK MASSEUR-THE SWIMMER AS HERO),

a completely unexpected and delightful look at ballet – through the story of North America’s oldest continuously operating professional ballet company – American Ballet Theatre of New York? No! Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet (40 Years of One Night Stands), tells the story of the first 40 years of this intrepid little dance company that could and did,

a 43 minute portrait of NYC art photographer Linda Troeller, (LINDA TROELLER – Inside The Frame)

There are many other films, that you will find on this EDGELAND FILMS site.

NEW PROJECTS INC. : There is a selection of films we have made in and about Winnipeg Canada. These are mostly 30 minute films that are contemporary and also historical. Please click on the individual links to watch any film you may wish to see. These films include:

‘CONTOURS – Two Visions of Early Winnipeg’, a short portrait of Canada’s Group of Seven painter L.L.FitzGerald and the intrepid Winnipeg photographer L.B.Foote. Two iconic artists who lived and worked during Winnipeg’s early boom years at the turn of the 20th century.

‘RAGS TO RICHLU’, this is the story of Winnipeg’s Shmatta industry. This film was directed by Beth Azore and co-produced by Laszlo Markovics and Jeff McKay.

‘BACKTRACKS – The Story Of Winnipeg’s Streetcars’, this is the entertaining tale of the boom and bust of Winnipeg, the one time biggest city in the Canadian West and the ambitious entrepreneurs that brought electric streetcars to the middle of nowhere’s ville. This film was directed by Jeff McKay and Beth Azore.

‘YOU DIG’- ‘ICE’ and ‘GARBAGE‘, are two short 5 minute films by Jeff McKay, produced as a series of shorts for MTS TV. ‘Ice’ looks at …, well ice! Winnipeg ice more specifically and ‘Garbage’, takes a short look at the goings on at Winnipeg’s Brady landfill. The largest single landfill in Western Canada.

‘WEST CENTRAL – A View From Here’, is a 37 minute film which is a portrait of one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods, Winnipeg’s ‘West Central’. West Central has been the landing ground for generations of new comers to Winnipeg. The area is often a victim of misleading sensationalized media reports leading to a city wide mis – understanding of its residents and businesses alike. This film is directed by Dodie Graham McKay and Jeff McKay.

‘WINNIPAGANS‘, is the story of Winnipeg’s Pagan community and some of the figures in its past and present. This film is directed by Dodie Graham McKay.

‘COOKING THE REVOLUTION’, is a portrait of Harry Paine. Co founder of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the West End Cultural Centre and he is a true man of the people… and Harry loves to cook! As it brings brings people together. This film is directed by Dodie Graham McKay.

’10 TREES TO SAVE THE WORLD’, (working title) , is a feature length documentary about the importance of native mixed forest systems. It is presently in post production. The film features Diana Beresford -Kroeger noted biochemist, botanist and author. The film release is expected fall of 2015. This film is directed by Jeff McKay and co produced by Edgeland Films and Merit Motion Pictures –

Merit Jensen – Carr is the Executive Producer.