Spies, murder and the second world war. A brief glimpse into the lives of three people whose lives are entwined, pushing them to the edge of their morals. Clyde Smythe, a man whose brother was murdered by Simon Marquette, the evil double agent. Despite warnings from his lover, Charlotte Markham, Clyde disregards her advice and confronts the dangerous and unpredictable Simon Marquette and does what he must.

This was the first 16mm film I made, shot in 1985, on colour stock, but I had it printed B&W which gave it a fabulous grain. I can say I managed to achieve the look the was after. The film is a tip of the hat to the many British spy films I saw and loved.

This short had a very nice life on the festival circuit back in 1986. It won many awards and traveled to far flung places. I was only with the film at one of these events though, at the Festival of Festivals in Toronto in 1987. It was the selected short to a crime film made by Francis Mankiewicz. My short was not very well received by the critic who was seated immediately in front of my seat.

She blabbered all the way through it. So I kicked her seat. The projection of the film was horrid. The volume came on blasting loud, and then when they proceeded with Mankiewicz’s feature film, it must have stopped and started about five times within the first five minutes or so. What fun!

Perry Mark Stratychuk shot camera for this film. He did a freakin great job!

16mm B&W – 13 minutes – 1986

Camera: Perry Mark Stratychuk

Writer, Director,Editor, Producer: Jeff McKay

Featuring the voices of: Anne Hodges, Chris Sigurdson and Darrel Baran